The top 15 things your middle school kid wishes you knew

Did you read this article¬†on what your middle school kid wishes you knew? I love it. I’d love it also if every parent asked their middle school (or lower school) kid about what they wished their parent knew! Kids have a wealth of wisdom to offer if we only tap into it!

Here’s one of my favorites from the article:

“15. I like it when you think I’m funny. Or interesting. Or awesome. I actually do care what you think about me. Please find something specific you actually like about me because sometimes I can’t find anything in myself to like at all. I might roll my eyes, but your words and judgments do matter to me, and I will remember them, the good and the bad. I will keep them with me like treasures even when I lose my keys and wallet and ID. Which I probably will. More than once. Sorry.”

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